About Kelly

“KELLY BURGESS is a Canadian fibre artist residing in Nova Scotia. For over 10 years Kelly has been preoccupied with the manipulation of fabric: its variety of textures, subtleties of color, and possibilities of form and function in design. This preoccupation has led Kelly to an inimitable approach to fibre art.

A unique sensibility for vivid color combinations makes Kelly’s work recognizable at a glance. Her art is organic and intricate, but still accessible. Patrons find their own stories told through her designs.

Kelly draws her inspiration from Nova Scotia’s native flora and fauna, and the moods of the Atlantic coast. Long hikes with Wally, the family dog, provide ideas for color, texture, pattern and balance for each piece of work.

Kelly’s art is found in homes across Canada, Europe and the US, reminiscences from her past becoming heirlooms for the future.”